B.H.M.S. at the International Hospitality Conference 2018

Millennials’ adoration and orientation to new technologies

On February 17th a major world-scale event of the hospitality industry took place at the Intercontinental in Kiev Ukraine.
380 guests from 21 countries of Europe gathered in one place in order to identify future trends of the hospitality industry, and project its development for the next couple of years. Among the guests was also Mr. Magdy Attalla, a Regional Director of B.H.M.S., Business & Hotel Management School in Switzerland.

“Today, create your tomorrow!” – was the motto of the International Hospitality Conference 2018. Participants of the Conference identified what type of guests will visit hotels in the next 7-10 years.

B.H.M.S. Lucerne - International Hospitality Conference 2018

Mr. Attalla pointed out that today millennial generation is worth taking into consideration as their views and values are radically different from those of the representatives of several previous generations.

He stated: “Today, we need to regard millennials not only as tourists but also as hospitality industry workers. “Y” Generation is people who enjoy working with other people, who like communication. This generation seeks experience, not money. Show them that you have similar aims and they will work with you. They do not need a boss, they need a mentor”, – he said.

He also mentioned that the representatives of this generation particularly value technologies. – “This is the generation that constantly uses smartphones and prefer technologies as a means of communication even at hotels! Meanwhile, they want to get something genuine and real, which fact runs counter to our vision of these people. Millennials are a fact and we must learn to identify their needs “.

The main objective of the International Hospitality Conference 2018 was to gather hospitality industry players in one location for experience and knowledge exchange. During that day the participants of the Conference learned the most up-to-date market analysis, they considered successful cases and got expert recommendations from various areas of hotel business –from kitchen and hotel architecture to innovative services and business management strategies.

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