16.01.2023 - Corporate News

Our Chef got a “Worldchefs Hot Kitchen & Culinary Arts Competition Certificate”

B.H.M.S.’ Chef Shaun Leonard had always been passionate about cooking. He dedicated his life to perfecting the art of culinary and honing his craft. It was a long and winding journey that led him to where he is now – an executive and culinary program leader with a Worldchefs Hot Kitchen & Culinary Arts Competition Certificate under his belt, he is on his way to being part of the next generation of international judges at the world’s biggest culinary competitions.

To achieve this goal, you must complete the certificate, have been a judge at rookie level at a world chefs recognized competition and most importantly, you must have won gold medals at some of the world’s most prestigious culinary competitions, like the culinary world cup and culinary Olympics. His dedication and commitment is paying off, as he is on his way to being prestigiously recognized as a world chefs official competition judge.

As part of receiving such an esteemed accolade, Chef Leonard will be able to act as a judge at international culinary competitions all over the globe – something which will no doubt bring him even greater recognition for his hard work and dedication to the culinary arts community! Not only that but through becoming certified in multiple languages, he has opened more opportunities for himself than ever before; allowing him not just to be seen as an authority on cooking but also as a mentor who can provide invaluable advice to budding chefs everywhere.

We congratulate him to this outstanding achievement, and we are proud to have him on board to give excellence training to our culinary students.

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Worldchefs Hot Kitchen & Culinary Arts Competition Certificate - Shaun Leonard