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English Foundation Program

English Foundation Program

Course Objective
The University English Foundation program is a dynamic course involving active learning that promotes English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students activate listening skills by hearing authentic material with the goals of extending their knowledge of phonology, grammar and dialogue, as well as making inferences based on what they hear.
Speaking exercises are both restricted and spontaneous within the context of tourism and leisure based activities. Reading skills include scanning and skimming for gist and detailed information. In writing, both the process and product approaches are used to facilitate the teaching of grammar and structure within the context of business specific writing.

Procedures such as brainstorming (generating ideas), outlining, drafting, and structuring will be internalized by students. Self-evaluation, peer-evaluation, proofreading and editing also make up the writing criteria. University English foundation program comprises 15 – 20 tutor contact hours per week Monday to Friday. Small classes ensure that attention is given to each individual's unique ability. In addition, students will be introduced to the western culture, verbal and non-verbal communication as well as food & personal hygiene. Professional excursions, fieldtrips and hands-on activities are integral parts of the University English Foundation program for students to gain comprehensive understanding of the Swiss hospitality sector.

University English Foundation Program is only offered to certain nationalities who have no restriction in obtaining Swiss study visa with English level not sufficient to study at a University program.